The investment process considers the global macro environment to gain an understanding of the global growth prospects and risks associated with investing in an integrated world. Investment ideas are generated from global macro themes, quantitative screens and fundamental analysis. Taking a long-term investment perspective allows time for specific themes to play out and to realize the potential opportunities.

The quantitative analysis screens over 3,000 individual stocks, identifies companies with a history of growing earnings, rising earnings estimates and a favorable price/earnings growth rate ratio.

The fundamental analysis looks at a company’s strategy and business model, their business outlook, competitive position and their financial soundness.

As a 100% independent firm, Jones Capital Advisors has the flexibility to hold cash and has the advantage of exercising patience while looking for appropriate investments during market cycles. Asset allocation is a key part of our investment strategy and a discretionary portfolio will consist of a balance between domestic equities, international equities and fixed income. This balance is determined based upon each client’s individual risk assessment.